Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Obama Hires Business Analyst

I'm amazed we didn't have one already. Barack Obama is hiring Nancy Killefer, a McKinsey consultant, as the country's first "chief performance officer" to see if she can't help rub out inefficiency in government.

According to CNN Money:

As chief performance officer, a newly created position, Killefer will work to restore fiscal order by scrubbing the federal budget and reforming government.

I thought that's what the Office of Management and Budget was for. I guess the founding fathers actually expected Congress to do that for itself, but government has gotten much bigger than 538 bickering reps can handle.

I'm sure the announcement has the likes of SAS and Oracle licking their chops, but as with any kind of BI implementation, the real challenge is going to be finding which systems contain which data and figuring out a way of centralizing and creating meaningful reports from all that.

So good luck Ms. Killefer--with all the tax dollars we're going to be spending in the next few years, we really wish you the best.

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