Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fusion Confusion Over?

Oracle VP Thomas Kurian tells InformationWeek that customers will soon be able to start testing Fusion.

Customers badly need Fusion in order to cobble together the patchwork of applications that Oracle has acquired over the years. Tellingly, Kurian also promises that "no customers will be pushed or forced to move to Fusion if they don't want to."

A software vendor that doesn't force its customers to do something--now that's a novelty! You wonder when Larry Ellison had the epiphany that customers actually have a say in these matters.

Kurian said Oracle has stayed consistent with its plan, and built applications -- including financial apps, human resources, supply change management, procurement, and human capital management -- that combine the best functionality from the many applications it now sells, including JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and its own Oracle E-Business Suite.

The software will be offered in a full product suite sometime after the beta program is completed, but also can be adopted as individual apps. Kurian said Oracle hopes customers will adopt the full Fusion suite and gain application integration advantages in doing so, but that decision will be left to customers.

Despite all the goodness, though, "
a 2009 beta likely means it will be at least 2010 or 2011 before Fusion is available to all of its customers."

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